Among the biggest perks of working from home is the flexibility in working hours. Working on a tracker means that you only get paid for actual hours worked, but you get to choose when those are.

Nonetheless, you do work for a client, in a team and with deadlines. You agree to be available 40 hours a week on average, to be available on hours that your client and team need you, and to communicate in advance when you deviate from planned hours.

To guarantee consistency and quality of your work, we expect you to work at least 6 hours and no more than 10 hours a day. Depending on seasonality and peak hours you may be asked to be available certain hours, and to plan your day accordingly.

Whenever you are not behind the PC you agree to be available on mobile for questions via Slack & JIRA, to prevent blocking your team from moving forward. Documenting your work properly will mitigate the time spent on this.
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