With HOPLA, starting with one or a few distributed team members is very straightforward and easily scalable, once you’re comfortable with the virtual team setup. All you need to do first is to look at your team or organization and ask yourself “Am I spending a great deal of my time on easy tasks, admin activities, data entry & process duties?” If you answer in the affirmative (and realize you need to focus on more important, strategic tasks), think HOPLA!

Step 1:
Send us a list of functions you require or specific job descriptions. We’ll study your information and provide you with our recommendations on the role and skills required.

Step 2:
Our global team of business and talent analysts will finalize the job specifications with you and start sourcing initiatives.

Step 3:
Our team will source, interview, match and shortlist candidates who will be introduced to full information on resumes and expected compensation. You’ll shortlist candidates you wish to speak with so that we can invite them for a video call. We’ll provide you with access to our virtual communication tools for the final interviews with those shortlisted candidates.

Step 4:
Once you have selected your resources, we’ll go through a thorough onboarding process that will make sure both you and your staff are comfortable with all that is HOPLA (i.e. payroll system, tracking tool, management & communication tools, community boards & buddies, our support people and teams).

Step 5:
After go-live, we’ll continue to provide you with operational support for all the HOPLA management tools so you become an excellent remote manager in no time.

While we do advocate for remote working, employee engagement remains key to our success. We provide our community with key tips on improving work ethics, output, quality of work, communication. We also strive to make remote work a fun, productive and sustainable journey.
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