Our easy-to-use time-tracking and employee monitoring software allows you to accurately track the progress of your employees, as well as actual hours worked. It makes remote management easier and more fun. You’ll have visibility to their logins, activity, URL tracking and application monitoring.

Each employee will have their own unique name and data, which lines up to the hours worked and eventually the salary payout. Your staff or team get paid only for their actual hours worked, which is another checkpoint in controlling their day-to-day activities. You can also create timesheets and run daily, weekly, monthly reports.

Some features of the tool include:
Time tracking per job and project
Screenshots of the work
Timesheets & workload assignment
Payroll data & reports
Real-time views on app and web
HOPLA support

Remote working is our mantra and so we encourage our workforce to enjoy the time they spend working at home. With us, it’s about spending time wisely and efficiently.
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