Once you and your staff are onboarded and trained, it’s all systems go. Remote work requires a mindset shift from the traditional ways of working to a self-driven and inspired approach. Therefore, we have adopted the latest tools and technology to become the most efficient remote management partner.

We like to avoid email clutter! In traditional office environments, it’s common to go back and forth on lengthy emails, copying the entire organization only to find out that a planned conference call was needed to get everybody aligned. At HOPLA, we cut out the noise and keep communications effective with the right management tools that are also fun and easy to use.

Task Management
Plan, track and manage tasks through an application that lets you assign and control the work output of your remote staff. Create a number of different projects as well as tasks that you or the creator can assign to staff or other staff members in the team. Assign a timeline and track progress while the work is being done. Once a task is done, it will show as completed. You can view and track the progress on the web as well as on mobile.

Information management
While task management is critical, documentation and information sharing in the remote & virtual world is key as well. At HOPLA, we value real-time interaction, taking away the traditional hurdles of sending email, information-sharing, uploading, downloading, waiting for feedback, all of which delay output.

You and your remote team will share and create a unique information sharepoint that can be accessed at all times and have the following functionalities.
Creation of files
Access control
Web and mobile application
Real-time views
Comments and edits
Integration with team members

Staff will find it easy to work with and you will receive real time updates on what they have done and what they are working on, made available to you anytime, anywhere..

Communication Management
Daily communication is key to working remotely. Our tools ensure quick interaction, data sharing, video conferencing, team meetings and more. At the end it’s about getting things done in an easy and effective way to ensure your remote staff or distributed team love to collaborate with you.

Some key points that define our communication:
It’s continuous
It includes relevant data
Presentations to clarify findings
Conferences to sync up with the team
It’s asynchronous of nature
Resides in a secure cloud environment.

Your interaction and daily communication is key in making your remote company culture fun and productive. We strive to truly build a solid community of remote workers and encourage social interaction.

Our tools are embedded in our remote working values and are fully integrated with each other. You don't need to worry setting everything up, explaining and educating your staff and provide ongoing support because that’s what we do for you. We’ll help you build an engaged and productive distributed team so you can focus on the core elements of your business.
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