Our pricing structure is transparent and enables our clients to have more control. As an example, salaries of entry level staff can start at USD2/hour and depending on their qualifications, seniority and the cost of living in their locations, can go up to USD10/hour. For all our management support & tools (i.e. sourcing, recruitment, on-boarding, training, managing & payroll, tools and systems), we charge a fixed hourly rate.

Your distributed team is logged into a work tracker, one of the many tools we provide you with to track the actual hours worked. This is important as the actual hours worked are reflected as the basis of your monthly cost. Unlike conventional outsourcing companies, where employees check in and out of work, our staff tracks their time to specific tasks you assign to them, with 10-minute intervals. You’re in full control of their task and have total visibility of what they do, making this an ideal and transparent process.

You’ll also be in control of the cost as well as bonuses, if you wish to upgrade your staff, which is a simple handling in our system. We’ll provide advisory on the right hourly rates, increases and bonuses to make sure the right reward structures are in place.

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