We start by fully understanding your resource needs, whether this is for one staff member or an entire team. We’ll create a clear plan identifying sourcing channels for the right candidates, the journey to go-live as well as the onboarding of your new staff members into the HOPLA remote working environment.

Interviews will be conducted one-on-one during initial assessments by our recruitment experts. We then administer different tests, which vary from skill to personal focused exams. And during final interviews, we invite you to join via our video conferencing tools and make the final selection of your staff.

Timing of each phase can vary depending on the job description for the roles being hired, although if we have matching CVs in our database that are available we can move from registration to offer in a day.

We use a highly integrated recruitment application that will enable us to target the best and the brightest, attract specific talents and offer candidates a smooth onboarding process.

The tool allows us to:
- Create, manage and publish job postings. This function integrates with our hiring team and recruitment experts to give everyone full visibility.
- Screen applications. As this can be a tedious process, we make use of shortlisting systems to filter those with the highest matching criteria.
- Engage with candidates. Building relationships is key with remote workers. We engage with them real-time to keep their interest.
- Fully assess and provide the job offer. We’ll involve you after we have made a shortlist of candidates. We manage this through various applications and options up to actual job offers.
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