Install the addon from:

Whitelist the sheet_id in your API settings.

Add the column header URL (in the first row, any column) to get started. Other required columns will be created automatically as you go.

We recommend to start with our HOPLA Links UTM Builder Template that you can download here: (delete any columns you don't need..)

Required Column Header:
- URL - The URL you want to create a Link for.

Optional URL Parameters:
All column headers right of URL and left of LONG_URL will be encoded in the LONG_URL

Link Options
Right of LONG_URL and Left of LINK you can place options to overwrite default behaviour of the sheet.
- slug - custom path for your Link. (default to random string if not specified).
- type - The redirect type: 301|302|307|iframe|meta. Default is 301.
- webhook - Webhook URL Callback.
- google_analytics - Google Analytics Tracking ID i.e., UA-XXXX-Y
- segment - HTTP Write Key
- meta_url - Meta refresh URL. (Only for redirectType = meta)
- meta_delay - Meta refresh delay. (Only for redirectType = meta)
- GTM - Google Tag Manager ID. i.e., GTM-XXXXXXX (Only for redirectType = meta|iframe)

Generated by Addon
- LONG_URL - The URL with all optional URL Parameters between URL and LONG_URL.
- LINK - This is where the HOPLA Link is generated
- DATE - timestamp for the last modification of the Link
- EDITED_BY - the email from the last user editing the Link

Add-on Functions
Go to Add-ons > HOPLA Links - UTM Builder
- Create LONG_URL - Creates LONG_URL for selected rows
- Create LINK - Creates a LINK for the LONG_URLs of the selected rows. If a LINK already exists on the selected range, it will update the short link details.
- Create LONG_URL & LINK - Does the above in sequence: Creates LONG_URL, then creates LINK for all selected rows.
- Delete LINK - Deletes the short URLs of the selected rows. This also deletes the Links from the database.
- Settings - Here you can set the defaults for all Links in the Sheet. If you use setting columns in the sheet, these defaults are overwritten.
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